What is V is for Vino? How do you watch episodes? How do you buy the wine? All these answers and more can be found here on the FAQ page.


What is V is for Vino?

V is for Vino is “The Show to Pair with your Wine”. The quickest way to describe it is like if you were watching the Anthony Bourdain of wine, but you also get to drink right along with him!

Each episode, join your host Vince as he visits a new wine region on the 30-minute show. You get to meet a winemaker, explore a region, learn some things about wine in a general sense, and learn how to cook a dish that pairs perfectly with the wine featured on the show. Then you can buy the wine we talk about on the episode at exclusive V is for Vino prices! You can view and download the “Vino Cards” that have the wine and recipe information from the show, so you can drink and cook along with us!

Why V is for Vino?

As I (your host and certified Sommelier, Vince) learned about wine, I realized there was no good way to learn about wine casually. There was the formal route (what I did), which involved a lot of studying and test taking, but that can be expensive and time consuming. Sure you can read about wine, but 50% of wine is tasting. And self study doesn’t really offer much direction. Our motto here is “To enhance the enjoyment of wine through interactive and enjoyable wine education.” At the end of the day, just like art, or music, or sports, the more you understand about something, the more value you get out of it.

Why do I need to learn anything? I already know what I like.

The quick answer is so you know WHY you like what you like. Let’s say you like Napa Valley Chardonnay. So you go to the store and get a French Chardonnay, thinking it will be similar. But its not. It’s WAY not. Or you go to an Italian restaurant and they don’t have any Napa Chardonnay and you don’t know what to order. Or I tell you that there are some great wines similar to Napa Chardonnay that cost half the price if you know what to look for. In all of these scenarios, knowing that you like fruit forward, moderately oaked white wines would help you better find a wine you like. And there are just too many awesome wines out there to drink Napa Chardonnay your whole life (by the way, nothing wrong with Napa Chardonnay; just an example!)

Also, because I truly believe that a lot of people have bad wine experiences because they haven’t had it in the proper pairing context. There are so many fantastic wines and regions and makers and styles. But if you drink a big tannic Italian Barolo without a nice, fatty, palette cleansing rib eye steak, it’s going to taste harsh and bitter. But together…you’ll die and go to heaven.

What kinds of wines do you feature?

What we try to do at V is for Vino is send wine the most embodies the region from which they came. In the Napa episode, you’re going to get a Cabernet. I can’t talk about Oregon without talking about Pinot Noir. It all depends on where we are! We try to make it 1 white and 1 red each month, but no guarantees: some places are simply better at one or the other.