The Napa Valley is the quintessential American wine region. Napa helped the USA gain the recognition it deserved in the wine world, and to this day, still brings the thunder. It's the wine region everyone knows and loves; but do you know the story of how it came to be? Find out on this premiere episode of V is for Vino. 

filmed 09/17     |     runtime 30 minutes

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from the episode

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from the episode

  • Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc
  • Mediterranean Tomato Salad
  • Elizabeth Spencer Cabernet
  • Dry Aged NY Strip


Napa Valley, CA

If you asked your beer-only-drinking-uncle what wine region he knows, he’d say the Napa Valley. There’s no region more iconic in the American wine scene. Napa is credited with giving American wine the street cred it needed to hang with the France and Italy’s of the world. It has an allure and prestige surrounding it that screams luxury.

Consequently, the price of land is through the roof. Wineries who own it tend to be split into 2 camps: wineries who bought their land when it was cheap, and are now mega producers (think Mondavi) or new money from tech or celebrity, making wine as passion projects. Nothing wrong with either, but in order to find wines that have some value and craft to them, you gotta dig a little deeper. Small producers making affordable wines are few and far between. But don’t worry, V is for Vino has you covered.