old fashioned cocktail

How To Make an Old Fashioned (video)

Normally I’m a wine guy, but since we’re all stuck at home, I thought it would be fun to explore some of the other bottles laying around the house! I’m going to post some cocktail tutorials from my many years as a bartender over the next few weeks! First up: everyone’s favorite drink, the Old Fashioned!

A true classic, the old fashioned was invented in 1880 and is tremendously popular right now. It’s the classic combo of bitters, bourbon, and a bit of sugar to take the bite away from the liquor. Proper dilution is key to this cocktail!

Old Fashioned:
.25oz demerara syrup (or 1 cube)
2-3 dash angostura bitters
2oz bourbon
1 orange peel
Add all ingredients to over large rock. Stir to proper dilution, garnish with orange peel. (If using cubed sugar, first muddle a paste with sugar and bitters)