S02E03 Salami Board

15 minutes
makes 4 servings
recipe card salami board
Journeyman Meat Co | Healdsburg, CA

5oz whole muscle salumi (e.g. lomo, prosciutto)
5oz spicy salumi
5oz traditional dry salami
5oz fennel salami
5oz chorizo
5oz specialty salami (truffle, duck, bison, etc)
1/4 lb hard strong cheese (e.g. aged cheddar, Gouda)
3oz olives
3oz cornichon (mini pickles)
2 tbsp whole grain mustard
6-8 crostini
rosemary for garnish
salami board apps (see previous recipe)

  1. the key to a good salumi board is lots of variation to keep things interesting, so hit your local butcher and go nuts!
  2. slice all salumi
  3. arrange all ingredients on large board, and serve!

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