wings with blue cheese and ranch

5 Perfect Super Bowl Food and Wine Pairings

The Super Bowl

is less than one week away, and that means it’s time to start prepping for Super Bowl parties! Whether you’re attending a party and bringing a bottle, or hosting the festivities yourself, V is for Vino is here to provide you with perfect wine pairings to go with your game day chow down. Impress the crowd with a match made in heaven that’s so much more than lite beer and pizza. Oh, and for some perfect pairings you can cook at home, check out our free “6 Killer Resturant Recipes and Wine Pairings Video Guide“. Alright, let’s get started:

1: Reisling and Buffalo Wings

buffalo wings

How do you take em? Naked or breaded?

Like a man getting a manicure, this unexpected pairing says “I’m proud, confident, and know exactly what I’m doing”. This pairing works on so many levels. First, sugar from the off-dry Riesling cools down the spicy from the buffalo wings. Next, the acid from the Resiling matches the acidity from the vinegar in the buffalo sauce. Finally, the acid in the Riesling cuts through the fat from the blue cheese dressing (or ranch, we don’t judge).  This is the best match you’ve never tried, I promise.

2: Guacamole and Sauvignon Blanc


Holy Guacamole!

Go Green! – and I don’t mean “Captain Planet” style. The “greeness” from the guac, cilantro, and lime pairs well with the “greeness” in the grassy, lime, and green apple flavors that Sauvignon Blanc is so well known for. Plus, the acidity cuts through the fat of the avocados while standing up to the acidity of the lime juice.

3: Syrah and Chili

Chili con Carne

Classic Super Bowl Dish. credit: cyclonebill from Copenhagen, Denmark – Chili con carne Uploaded by FAEP

Ever watch “The Match Game”? This a classic case of matching flavors. A spiced peppery Syrah goes great with a heavily spiced, meaty chili. Plus you’re matching the weight of the dishes: big bold flavors need a big bold wine.

4: Burgers and Barolo

burger with bacon

How good does this burger look right now?

This is a real high-class pairing that’s sure to impress. Plus, there’s alliteration involved. Fatty, greasy burgers need a nice high tannin wine to pair. Enter Barolo, the “King of Wines” from Piedmont in northern Italy from the Nebbiolo grape. Slather that burger with mushrooms and Swiss to take this pairing to the next level: earthy Barolo would love the earthy mushrooms. (see also: Burgers and Bordeaux for another luxe alliteration pairing)

5: Anything Fried and Champagne

french fries

Surprisingly, not invented by the French…

Champagne is a sommelier’s layup. It’s a go-to move. Champagne can pair with almost anything, but it especially goes well with salt and grease. It’s similar to the reason beer goes so well with fried foods: acid and bubbles. French Fries? Check. Fried chicken? Check. Mozzarella sticks, fried shrimp, fried pickles, you name it.

So there it is people.  Get ready to make the beer drinkers jealous. And if you haven’t downloaded our FREE ULTIMATE WINE PAIRING GUIDE, GET IT HERE. Until next wine,