how to make a mai tai

How To Make a Proper Mai Tai (video)

Heading into Memorial Day Weekend, I’m sure some of you will be needing some pool drinks; bring on the Mai Tai! This is another one of those cocktails that has been humiliated over the years with recipes that are nothing like the original. This cocktail is meant to show off the rum you make it with (not the juice), so …

how to make a sazerac

How To Make a Sazerac (video)

Sazerac time! For my old fashioned lovers out there, it’s time to expand your repertoire! The Sazerac cocktail that originated in New Orleans, and has the same basic formula (sugar, bitters, spirit) as an old fashioned, with the added flare of absinthe. We’re using Angel’s Envy Rye today, which is one of my favorites! Sazerac:rinse of absinthe2-3 dash Pechaud’s bitters.25oz …

margarita cocktail

How To Make a Margarita (video)

A classic margarita is such a wonderful thing. So many different recipes out there for this drink, many of which include cheap, sugar laden, mixers. But no more! It’s time for a proper margarita that you can make at home! Taco Tuesday is waiting, and now you’ll be ready! .Margarita:.75oz lime.4oz agave.5oz Cointreau2oz Casa Dragones Blancolime wheel.Shake all ingredients, strain …

paloma cocktail

How To Make a Paloma (video)

Would you like to make a Paloma? So simple to make at home, with nothing but a glass and jigger. If you can find Mexican squirt, which is made from sugar cane, that’s ideal!.Paloma:.5oz lime1.5oz grapefruit2oz @casadragones Blanco4-5oz grapefruit sodaGrapefruit peel.Add all ingredients to collins glass, add ice, garnish with grapefruit peel

daiquiri cocktail

How To Make a Classic Daiquiri (video)

The Daiquiri is arguably the most important cocktail recipe in the bartender’s playbook, and my guess is that you’ve had a few versions of this drink that are not even close to the real thing. I’m so excited for you to have this cocktail they way it was meant to be had! Daiquiri:.75oz lime.75oz Demerara syrup (50/50 water/demerara sugar or …

negroni cocktail

How To Make a Negroni (video)

Todays break from wine is brought to you by “The Negroni”. I remember the first time I tried Campari; I hated it. Now? It’s my go-to meal starter. It’s so bracingly bitter that, like coffee, it takes some getting used to. Again like coffee, once you’re hooked, nothing else will do. What cocktail do you want to see next?! Negroni:1oz …

old fashioned cocktail

How To Make an Old Fashioned (video)

Normally I’m a wine guy, but since we’re all stuck at home, I thought it would be fun to explore some of the other bottles laying around the house! I’m going to post some cocktail tutorials from my many years as a bartender over the next few weeks! First up: everyone’s favorite drink, the Old Fashioned! A true classic, the …